Beadart - About You Photography

As a child, I was taught how to loom bead by my Grandmother.  She was and still is an extremely talented woman blessed with many gifts, some of which I was able to learn and develop myself over the years when I had the time.  As a creative, I find that I am always striving to be creating,  especially during the ND winters when my specialties in photography slow down.  I built myself several looms and started beading again.  I love the patterns, the feel, the weight of a finished piece.  I enjoy how it can be customized to represent who the wearer is inside.  On this page, you will find current finished pieces.  I do some limited commission work, depending upon my upcoming available time.  And, many times, you will find my bead art displayed at my photography table at the many events I capture throughout the year.  Please stop by and see that.  I do also have a face book page dedicated to this particular art form as well and I invite you to join it.  It is called "The Natural Cowgirl."  Please click on the page to go to that fb page.  I am slowly working on partnering up with a leather worker as well for future offerings.  As soon as we are happy with our collaborations, I'll be adding those available items here as well and introduce you to the leather worker.  Keep in mind that bead work and leather work is a labor of love.  Many hours go into each piece.  Some patterns are my own original patterns while others may be older well known patterns that have been around for many years.  The traditional nostalgia of those patterns never fails to move my heart.  I hope you enjoy viewing my bead art as much as I enjoyed creating it.