Little Britches Rodeo Oct 15, 2016 - About You Photography

If you purchased the file special at the rodeo, please message the first file number from each appropriate run so that we can quickly locate, edit, and distribute those files as soon as possible.  If you did not take advantage of the bulk file special before the end of the rodeo on Oct 16th, the normal per file price is $35.  Regular physical prints are available through the galleries shopping carts.  Once you complete your order, the appropriate images are edited and released to our printing lab for printing and distribution to you in the fashion you chose in the purchasing procedures.  FB versions will be placed upon our FB page for you to tag and share on your social media.  Do not manipulate those files in any manner.  They have been properly edited as About You Photography has deemed the best representation of the image. 

At no time can any images be taken in any format for any reason from anywhere on this website without being purchased.  If we discover images taken from our website without being purchased, we will notify the offender and bill them accordingly.