About You Photography's Rewards Program

About You Photography clients who refer 7 (not including their own initial session) referrals who complete a session receive a complimentary 45 minute session from About You Photography.   Be sure to instruct people you refer to us to let us know when they book their session to let us know who sent them!  We will keep track of those referred sessions here on this page and will let the original client know when they have reached 7 completed referrals!

The complimentary sessions are to be done within About You Photography's studio service area and can be for a children's session, a family session, etc.  The session must be at a time when About You Photography is available.  

Lucie Arcand Deschamp - 

Crystal McGregor -

Jennifer Neigum Stanley - 

Jenna Nilsen   -  

Katherine Koons - 

Leslie Laber - I

Kayla Berger - 

Amy Wagner -  I I 

Dana Tonneson - 

Trevor & Amanda Hauck - 

Sarah Yeater - III

Heidy Boen-Hupf - II

Heather Tofteland - I

Sondra Bergan - III

Tami Hanson - 

Angie Heilman -

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