What is Boudoir Photography?

“Boudoir” is a French word meaning a lady's private dressing room or bedroom. In photography, boudoir refers to a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. Boudoir has expanded to mean more than only Lady's amazing images and now encompass men's sessions, usually referred to as "dudoir", as well as couples sessions. Couples sessions are fun, romantic, and showcase the deep seated love two people have for each other.

Why do you offer boudoir photography?

Everyone's reason for having their images done is vastly different and very personal. As many of my subjects know, I personally live a very rustic life. I spend most of my time working outdoors in the North Dakota weather throughout the year. I am frequently only seen with a cowboy hat on my head, messy hair, and dust and other things covering my clothing. And I LOVE that life....but every now and again, it's nice to remember that I'm a woman. And whether I'm out moving bucking horses, photographing a rodeo, or dressed in a piece of soft silk and heels (YES IT DOES HAPPEN!) I am strong and confident and beautiful. In this busy life, I don't always feel beautiful but I remind myself every now and again that I am. And the Naughty Sessions help me remember that and keep my more feminine side confident! Every person's reasons are different for choosing boudoir. From bridal boudoir to just wanting to do it. I've had ladies tell me stories of feeling that they have lost touch with their femininity in this hard working world to people celebrating the end of a relationship. I have sat and held the hand of a lady at the end of her session when she broke into tears and told me of just leaving a bad relationship in which she was told and made to feel that she was "fat and ugly". When someone hears that enough, they start to believe it. She told me that I helped her remember that she is beautiful inside and out, and she had fun doing it! Others just love to do something different! No matter what your personal reasons, you are so worth it! Boudoir is amazing and fantastic for your self-confidence and esteem.

Will my images be shown on your website or on social media?

Your images will never be posted online without your consent. Some ladies don't share their images at all while some choose a few that they are comfortable with granting us permission to share one or two in our on line portfolio and social media. Our client's privacy is the upmost importance to us! We do occasionally request models specific to showcase our boudoir art on our website and social media.

How do I choose my outfits?

Although we do have some lovely choice in clothing, what makes each of us feel sexy and amazing is very individual to each person. Some ladies feel like a goddess in a fabulous silk teddy and stockings while the next amazing woman feels sexy in a pair of cowboy boots and her lover's t-shirt. Always choose what makes YOU feel sexy. Choose colors that are flattering for your skin tones We do frequently share ideas and items we come across on our fb page to help all of our subjects expand their Naughty Wardrobe! Boudoir is NOT about wearing skimpy outfits. It's about your confidence in yourself! You can wear dirty old coveralls during your session and project the most amazing self confidence and be sexy as hell!

Why do you shoot in hotel rooms and air bnb's?

Great question! This past summer, we were put in an unfortunate situation in which we had to move our studio AND our home to a new location. And, if anyone here has had to make a major building move (not just what's in the home/studio, but the building as well!) you know what it is like to deal with all of the insane chaos that is involved. It was overwhelming. BUT....on a better note, we now have the PERFECT VERY PRIVATE location and am in the process of turning it into one hell of an amazing Naughty Studio, but it does take time. We are hoping to have it done some time next fall ... AND besides, doesn't it just feel naughty to go to a nice hotel and have your images captured? It adds to the amazing feel of the sessions! It makes it an experience to remember! We are in the process of designing an OUTDOOR set that will include an outdoor bedroom AND bathroom set up! A pool and waterfall, and much much more! Imagine a claw foot tub and a beautiful old iron bed set up in a beautiful private outdoor location! SO EXCITED about all of this! Be sure you are checking back on that!

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