Model Calls are sessions in which About You Photography is looking for very specific subjects for very specific experimental images.  These are generally the first of a series that we are looking to incorporate into our About You Photography brand.  You will find our current model searches listed below.

About You Photography will occasionally announce a "Model Call" with a description of what we are looking for in a subject.  If someone feels that fit that description, they can message us with current images of themselves and anything props/animals they have that would be suitable for the model call.  Models must be someone we have not photographed before in any form of portrait session or wedding.  This helps keep our model base fresh and unique.

The cost of our Model Call Sessions is $100.00 which is a highly discounted price for a session with us.  Our normal pricing for a photography package starts at $250.00.  Chosen models receive the final fully sized and edited files with a personal printing release.  

There is a $50.00 non-refundable retainer to be paid at the time of scheduling a model call to ensure we do not waste our time and energy with models who no-show.  Unfortunately, this has happened to us in the past, so this is a non-negotiable part of our model calls.  The remaining $50 is due at the beginning of the session when the models sign their contract paperwork with About You Photography.  

Model Calls are done specifically for usage by About You Photography as we see fit.  If at any time, the model choses to back out of that agreement, the balance of $150.00 is due immediately which brings the model session into a full regular session.  


A child - boy or girl - from a bird hunting type family with a bird dog. Model to be 6 years old to 3 years old.

If you or someone you know meets these basic requirements, please MESSAGE OUR FB PAGE for more information. 


A woman with a very calm steady horse that can be handled from the ground securely as well as being ridden. There will be a few props to be handled and we want to ensure safety. Woman should have a FABULOUS favorite dress that she can wear in the saddle.

If you or someone you know meets these basic requirements, please MESSAGE OUR FB PAGE for more information. 

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