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Omg Michelle you are an awesome photographer! I was so nervous to do a boudoir photo session but you made me feel so comfortable and we had so many laughs! It was fun. I would gladly do these kind of photos with you again. You are great at what you do!


My boudoir shoot was AMAZING... I felt so comfortable I went with a friend and we laughed and joked and then we started to come out of our shells and feel like the beautiful women we are I would recommend this to any women wanting a ego boost and confidence boost. I have showed my pics to friends and family and they love them.


I had a fantastic experience with this! Michelle was so up beat and made you feel like you were at home and it was like there wasn't even a camera there I went in as a nervous wreck and walked out of that room feeling like a whole new lady if you ever need a ego boost or something just to bring your spirits up this is the thing to do! I have to say I am quiet hooked on it! Not only was it a blast for me but my husband loved it to! It's not just a gift for him it's more of a gift to yourself!!! Not only that but she always has cute things like shoes!!! She knows how to hook a lady up and u don't have to do much walking in them if you are like me and like how they look but can't walk in them so that's a bonus! I'd love to hear how everyone else's went and how amazing this lady really is!


 I was so pleased with how my session went! Michelle made me feel very comfortable and relaxed while posing in front of the camera. I am so in love with my pictures! I would definitely do it again!!


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