Birth Photography

Are you an expecting Military Wife who has a husband who will be deployed when you give birth?  Once a month, we try to give back to our brave Military Families by giving a birth session to a family with a deployed spouse.  If you are such an expecting mother-to-be contact us to see if we are available for your delivery in Minot ND.     If you are being induced, we arrive shortly after you  have been induced.  We request that you clear us being there with your doctor.  If you go into labor naturally (and a little more unpredictably!  LOL)  we make every attempt to get to the hospital for the birth.  If for some reason Baby comes unexpectedly and we can not make the birth, we will do a newborn session in the first week instead.  After all, we are on the baby's schedule, not the other way around! 

There is nothing quite like the day a woman becomes a mother, either for the first time or if she has brought other children into this world.  It's amazing, it's life changing.  Holding that Little One in your arms for the first time fills you with such a love that it can almost feel overwhelming.  I know.  I've done it too! 

Birth $200

****  Capturing a birth is amazing and such a blessing.  I actually cry at times when one of the beautiful mothers I am blessed to capture is handed her little bundle of joy for the first time.  Those little toes!  The little nose!  Once the session is over and turned over to the new parents, I am often told how grateful that so many moments that went by so fast for them are captured forever.  Special unique memories.   I try to schedule these as soon as the expecting mother knows she's going in.  Usually this is when a Mom is being induced.   Not only am I there to capture your child's arrival, I am also there as a friend and to support you through the labor.    I only capture tasteful images.  I provide you with all of the resulting fully edited files.   You must clarify it with your doctor that you can have me there.   Some doctors do not allow photographers. 

The FRESH 48  $150

 ****This is a special session that is done within  48 hours after birth.  Normally done in your hospital room as you watch, I capture every sweet little baby detail, and you with your new baby as well.  It's a fine time to have images captured of any siblings with the newborn as well.  This session can last up to an hour and a half and can also include such firsts as breastfeeding, cute new little outfits gotten to travel home in when it's time to go, someone,s first time changing diapers, and the look of joy and pride on Grandma and Grandpa's faces.  The Fresh 48 captures those first milestones in the hospital like breastfeeding, meeting siblings or family members, dad’s first diaper change, and your first family photo.