The Cowboy Collection is a special project I am working on.  And yes, it DOES INCLUDE WOMEN!   Like the song, many of the best cowboys I know are women.   This is a very short session with labor intensive after the session work on my part.  Because of the lighting required in a controlled environment, these sessions must be done in my studio at Lanford for now.  I may be able to make arrangements to do this in another location, but I would have to have a minimum number of people that works for everyone and a set date as I do need to be able to have my assistant there!

This is for cowboys and cowgirls of ALL AGES.  If you're handy, brave, hardworking, and fool hardy, this is for you!  LOL  Clothing should be your every day type stuff.  Nothing fancy or purchased for a photo session.  Bring your boots, your chaps or chinks, your beat up cowboy hat.  Old ropes.  Your cattle dog. 

Price is $125.00 

Special GROUP RATE UNTIL May 15.  If you have 4 or more individual clients that come to the studio together (LOL  You and your buds!), the price will only be $75 per person instead of $125

Consider it a Cowboy Mini-Session with huge results.  The shooting actually takes less than 15 minutes.  Quick and sweet.  If you are interested, please contact me at 701-833-5366 or or message me on About You Photography's FB page located at this Link

The subject will receive the resulting files to print as they choose.  There are only POSSIBLY up to 5, probably less....files resulting.  The resulting images are very artistic with a particular result in mind during creation.  99.9% will be black and white.   All resulting files will also be added to my new and growing COWBOY COLLECTION SERIES.