To Download:

1) Click on the downward pointing arrow above the large image on the page.

2) Follow the instructions that appear on the popup window that will appear.

3) Know where your computer places downloaded zipfiles.

4) Back up these files in your preferred manner.

If this manner does not work for you, click on the image(s) you wish to download so that it is the only file on the page. Below the image will be a downward pointing arrow. Click on that and that file will download. Once again, know where your computer places file downloads to locate the downloaded file. You will need to do this for each file to download them individually. Give it plenty of uninterrupted time to download!

Each Gallery is only good for two weeks.  It automatically deletes after that time frame.  There is a $20 dollar reissue fee if the gallery needs to be reissued once it has been deleted.  About You Photography is not a storage facility for personal photographs.