Pre-Booking your Youth Rodeo images is super easy as well as economical!  Before or during  the Youth Rodeo (as our booth is available,  parents pay the day of -  $65 for every file of the child in all the events the child competes in during the day if order prior to the rodeo or the day of the rodeo.   If there is more than one child, add $10 (prior to the rodeo or the day of the rodeo) . What this gets your team is every file of your children to print as you choose where you choose WITH PERSONAL USAGE AND PRINTING RELEASE.  SIBLINGS ONLY.   And most of you know that means a LOT of files! LOL  Simply find us at our little spot prior to the ranch rodeo and we’ll get you taken care of! This guarantees images of your team are taken, that they are edited and distributed to you as soon as possible! Normal pricing applies to all orders immediately the next morning. ($85 for all the files from that rodeo for the first rider pluy $20 per additional sibling.  Still a  HUGE savings.  Files purchased individually are $35 each with an non-commercial license.) 

Keep in mind that your child has to be the main focus in a youth rodeo file for it to be included in your purchase! Each image is edited strictly for the primary subject and background activity is not included!


COMMERCIAL RELEASE IS DOUBLE THE COST.  ($75 becomes $150 for the first rider plus $10 per additional rider.) 

I want to give an example of our rodeo pre-and day-of sales for YOUTH RODEO as well as our summer sale (the non-sale day special) in comparison of our NORMAL FILE PRICING. This will provide you with an exact comparison of what kind of value you are getting with our specials. Pre & Day of Special is $65 for the first kid and $10 for each additional child. This is a tally of an order we got for 2 fabulous children at one of our youth rodeos. Total is 120 final images of both kids. NORMAL PRICING ($35 per file....) $4200. SERIOUSLY! EVERY FILE of your kids. Not just a few of your favorite though out the day. NO KIDDING! (This pricing starts Dec 1st of each year!) PRE & SALE DAY PRICING $65 +10 = $75 ($87 if you want a flash drive). The Day After Sale Pricing. $85 + 20 = $105 ($117 if you want a flash drive). When you lay the numbers out, you can see that I am making the ability to have and enjoy and print as you please every file of your child from a rodeo more than affordable. There are several BIG name rodeo photographers that are more than a little irritated at me for doing this for our ND Youth Rodeo Competitors and their families. I WANT to make this affordable for our kids. And I want to help encourage them and help them grow in their personal and rodeo lives. Because they are amazing. And I cherish every run them make!