By viewing our website galleries, you understand that unauthorized duplication of any form will result in you receiving an invoice equal to the current file cost PER FILE duplicated. Once invoiced, no images of you will be posted in galleries for viewing until the invoice is paid. 

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In order to save our time and investment, if we see someone photographing a rider over the fence, we won't continue to photograph as obviously that individual won't be purchasing.  IF you are shooting your own  but still want to be able to purchase files or prints, please let us know PRIOR to their ride that you still will be signing up for prints or photographs. 

If for some reason, you are on our Do Not Shoot List, speak to us about getting off of it.  There are situations in which we may have to have some paperwork acknowledged. 

      If About You Photography sees any harassment or abuse of any animal or member of the 

      About You Photography Staff/Family professionally or personally, the abuser and/or their

      family will not be photographed and any images from the past we come across will be

      deleted. This includes behaviors through any sort of social media or electronics means,

     directly or indirectly.

About You Photography reserves the right to replace an image in your order if that image does not meet our standards once edited.

If you are not going to be purchasing images or files, let us know asap so that we can free up that equipment use and web space for others.