School Sports - About You Photography

We offer special pricing for our school sports players and their families! 

The easiest way for us to edit is to edit the full game and release it to the team as files to print as they choose where they choose.  The best way to do this is for each player (or their parents) to sign up PRIOR to the game.  If every player playing (parents) sign up the cost is $20 per player.  If not, it is $25 per player purchasing.  We will need each player's jersey number so that we can pull those images SPECIFIC to that player, edit and distribute the files. 

Payments can be made via paypal to .  We have also had a parent as a point person who collects the payment from all the parents/players and gives us to it at the game.  Files are distributed as zip file downloads that we email to the purchasing member.  Flash drives are available as well at an additional cost of $12.  Properly resized, sharpened and logoed copies of the purchased files/images will be placed on our fb page for you to tag. 

We do ask that if you are ordering files, do not wait until the end of the season.  It is a much smoother faster process to order the files after each game so that we are pulling files from an individual game instead of many.

DO NOT SHARE FILES WITH OTHER PLAYERS.  Please refer them to About You Photography so that they can purchase their own files or prints.

Special reduced print pricing is available through the website shopping cart.  Normal pricing applies if we place the order for you. 

This pricing is good through the sport's season.  At the end of the season, our regular pricing for files and prints apply.