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About You Photography  Rodeo & Jackpot Files/Prints

In order to save our time and investment, if we see someone photographing a rider over the fence, we won't continue to photograph as obviously that individual won't be purchasing.  IF you are shooting your own  but still want to be able to purchase files or prints, please let us know PRIOR to their ride that you still will be signing up for prints or photographs. 

If for some reason, you are on our Do Not Shoot List, speak to us about getting off of it.  There are situations in which we may have to have some paperwork acknowledged. 

If you are not going to be purchasing images or files, let us know asap so that we can free up that equipment use and web space for others. 

You must sign up prior to the rodeo start to purchase our file special which is only available on the day of the rodeo.  After that, files and prints will be available through the website at our normal pricing. 

FILE SPECIAL For Each Competitor

$35 for the first event + $10 for each additional event. 

     - You are not obligated to purchase each event HOWEVER, after the special is over for the day, events can not be added to the purchase.  Be sure to specify what events you are purchasing the files for. (Example....If your child competes in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and Goat may choose to purchase the Barrel Racing only for that child at a cost of $35.00.  That includes each of the final fully edits files of the Barrel Race to print as you choose.   Before the end of the rodeo that day, you can ADD the other events at $10 each, however, once we are done shooting for the day, files from those other events will only be available at our regular pricing from the website.)

Ranch Rodeo File Special

Our Pre-Booking Digital Negative Special is $100 for All Your Teams Images From a Ranch Rodeo as a direct download with a Personal Printing Authorization. That is only $25 per team member. Available either before or the day of that ranch rodeo.  Regular File and Print Pricing Applies After the rodeo has ended.